No New Friends?

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So, I’m sitting here on my 9-5 just thinking about how I want this boutique to take off. We all have dreams right? Lol. People ask me all the time... hey! Where’d you come up with the name Gunmetal & Lace? And I’d say... easy. I like to be a little soft, and a little edgy all at the same damn time, so hence, was born Gunmetal & Lace. 

But just having a boutique name wasn’t good enough. I wanted a symbol. Something that was recognizable and meaningful. I found this totally cool ass magical glyph, that represents friendship. The Friendship logo didn’t sound to edgy and hip tho. So I put my brain to work and was like “BINGO!” .... DOPE BONDS. Who the hell doesn’t want DOPE BONDS? You have to have dope Bonds with your clique, your bae, your family... like... whoever! So, you’ve officially been put up on game when you see the “DOPE BONDS” gear.

I know Drizzy Drake had us all jammin to his track “No New Friends”, but hey, let’s face it, sometimes new friends are what you need. Just remember... “If it ain’t a DOPE BOND, it doesn’t matter!”

-The Boss Lady of Gunmetal & Lace  

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