The Magic Blazer

So, I’m lying here in bed.... at 6pm.... hey! Don’t judge me, it’s a Sunday, and they’re meant for sleeping in late right? :) And I had the most random thought. Blazers make me happy. Like, seriously. They’re total magic! The right blazer has powers out of this world to transform any look into either, a better look, or a totally different look. Just think about it! You can wear them with that cute camisole that’s “not work appropriate” at the office, and toss it to the side after 5pm for happy hour with your crew. Add an edgy blazer to your basic pair of high waist or Mom jeans and see what kind of magic you create! The decision to roll the sleeves or not roll the sleeves just adds an entire extra layer to the mystical powers of blazers. Running errands around town? Roll those sleeves up, and pair it with your crisp, white collared tee and a pair of neutral leggings. Don’t have time to go shower before girls’ night out?! It’s all good! Just flip those sleeves down, add on a statement necklace and a pair of high heels and VOILA! You’re ready to go!

Blazers have the power to dress a look up, or dress it down. Think about it. You know that Sequin blazer you’ve been eyeing? You’ve got an event to go to but you’re not in the mood to wear a form fitted dress, choose the blazer and some vegan leather leggings. Or, do you have a cute bodycon dress that you usually pair with heels, but just aren’t in the mood to be 3-5 inches off the ground?! No sweat! A calm, neutral blazer tones your look all the way down, add your favorite pair of riding boots or flats and you’re set! 

Isn’t it great to know that life’s little happy moments can come from something so simple like a blazer?! That moment when you thought your closet was half empty should be completely vanishing from your mind. It’s all about embracing a sense of style. Your personal style and not being afraid to try new things and push the envelope a little bit. Now... if you don’t have a blazer, what are you waiting for!! We’ve got a few we’d love to share with you! 

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